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Joan Jerkovich

Appreciated by Boss?

Joan JerkovichMarch 11, 2014

I’ve been working long hours and feel that I’m a good employee.  I get frustrated when I don’t feel appreciated by my boss.  Once in a while I’d like to hear how I’m doing or if I’m doing a good job.  When the hours get really long is when I most want to hear something positive.  Is it ever a good idea to ask my boss how I’m doing? Absolutely!  This is a great question because ...

Bored with Daily Routine?

Joan JerkovichMarch 10, 2014

There are just days when I feel like I’m that hamster on a treadmill.  My days seem to run in to each other, start the same and stop the same day after day, and I’m starting to wonder if I need a change.  I like my job and my life ok; it just starts to seem boring, like I’m living the same day over and over again.  Is this all I have to look forward to?  I can’t imagine living the next...

Female Fertility Clock Ticking?

Joan JerkovichMarch 6, 2014

I saw your post “Tired of Being Single” and have to say that this is a whole different issue when you’re female and your clock is ticking.  Thoughts? News Flash!  Research is now showing that having children when you’re 35 to 40 years old and up carry concerns for both sexes.  Not only does fertility decrease for both men and women over the age of 35, but the risks of having a baby wit...

Forgiveness for Abusive Parents

Joan JerkovichMarch 4, 2014

When is it wise to forgive abusive parents for their past neglect and abuse?  When is it wise to mend these painful relationships from our past?  When is it not?  These are the questions adult children who are the products of an abusive, neglectful childhood have to examine.  These questions are made even more important when you have to decide whether or not your parents, the grandparents to y...

Joan Jerkovich, BCC

Friend Always Backs out of Plans?

Joan JerkovichMarch 3, 2014

I have a friend that always seems excited to make plans to go out but then at the last minute backs out of our plans with some lame excuse or doesn’t show up.  She’s lots of fun but should I just give up on making plans with her? If this friend has shown you often enough that she can’t be counted on, that her word and promises don’t have sticking power, then you don’t need to completel...

Tired of being single?

Joan JerkovichFebruary 27, 2014

I’m tired of being single.  My life is good but I would like someone special to share it with.  Thoughts? Go to my talk show archives and listen to the callers, men and women, who have called with this very issue.  There have been so many that I’ve thought I should start my own dating site!  Here’s a synopsis of what we’ve talked about: First, you can’t expect to meet someone sitti...

Boyfriend Friendly With Ex?

Joan JerkovichFebruary 25, 2014

My new boyfriend has a very friendly relationship with his ex wife and it bothers me.  They get together for dinners out and talk on the phone often, but he assures me its nothing more.  I believe him, but the time he devotes to their friendship still bothers me.  There are no children so I feel like there’s no reason for them to keep in such close touch.  I’ve been trying to be the unders...

Stay at Home Versus Working Mom?

Joan JerkovichFebruary 24, 2014

My sister is critical of my decision to work instead of stay home with my two young children. My husband doesn’t make as much money as hers, so if we want any extras I have to work, plus I enjoy my job and don’t think I have the patience to be at home all day with little ones. Why do we have to always fight over this? This can be a hot topic among women, with both factions from both sides of ...

Morbid Obesity Prohibits Travel

Joan JerkovichFebruary 20, 2014

I love my wife of 26 years but it has been hard watching her gain weight over the years. She is now what her Doctor calls morbidly obese. While I’m happy with our life together and her weight doesn’t cause many problems at home, or we’ve just learned to adjust, when we travel her weight is a problem.  We’re at the point in our lives where we both want to travel but when we recently took a...

Living with Boyfriend, Parents Don’t Know

Joan JerkovichFebruary 18, 2014

My parents are traveling from out of state to visit me and I’ve been living with my boyfriend for the past 6 months. They don’t know we’ve been living together and my problem is that they would not approve. Not only will they not approve, I’m afraid they’d go ballistic if they found out! They’re planning to stay with me at the apartment. What are my options? Put on your big girl panti...




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