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Joan Jerkovich

Still Single at 42?

Joan JerkovichSeptember 25, 2014

I’m a 42-year-old male and had always expected to be married with children by now, but after several long-term relationships I’m still single. I keep busy so I’m not lonely, just tired of being alone. Any thoughts? There are 3 thoughts that I’d like to impart: First, while you would love to be married with children, this may not happen for you. Acceptance is key here. Accepting that life ...

Fighting Fair

Joan JerkovichSeptember 23, 2014

We are all flawed. We are different from each other. We carry with us different attitudes and beliefs. With this in mind, it’s no wonder there will be times when we clash with each other. Fights will ensue. Feelings will be hurt. Yet, our differences don’t need to pull us apart if we can learn to fight fair. The most critical step toward fighting fair is to plan your fight for a time when bo...

Surviving a Dysfunctional Family

Joan JerkovichSeptember 20, 2014

Growing up with an alcoholic or substance abusing parent can be chaotic and unpredictable. Rules and expectations can change on a daily basis. Children are to be seen but not heard. Any expression of your feelings is forbidden or ignored. And, there is absolutely NO talking about the elephant in the room…the parents’ addiction! This leaves children feeling insecure, frustrated and angry. Movi...

Addicted to Control

Joan JerkovichSeptember 17, 2014

If you are addicted to control you are probably trying to control everything and everyone in your life. You want things to go your way. Throw in the addiction part, and you need things to go your way. Your need to control feels desperate to you. Why? Because when you lose control, you suffer with anxiety. Before we talk about anxiety, let’s paint a better picture of the control addicts in our l...

Husband Hangs with Questionable Characters?

Joan JerkovichSeptember 15, 2014

My husband has some questionable friends and family members he hangs out with. Certain people have been known to not be faithful to their wives or significant others, not to mention they are not known to have been law abiding citizens. My husband is a respectable, kind, law abiding, trustworthy person. I trust him 100% but when he is with these certain characters I constantly worry if they are go...

Unappreciative Family Members?

Joan JerkovichSeptember 12, 2014

I’ve always thought that family should stick together and help each other out, but I’m tired of feeling unappreciated. I’m a single mom raising my son and when my nephew lost his job I let him and his girlfriend move in with me. While I was working and going to school, they were supposed to both be looking for jobs, but I think they spent more time just laying around. They were getting food...

Mom-zilla, Mother of the Bride?

Joan JerkovichSeptember 10, 2014

My mother is making me so angry because she is trying to make my wedding her own. I’ve told her that my fiancé and I are wanting to make the plans ourselves. We’re both established professionals and are paying for the wedding since I’ve been married before. With the help of a wedding planner, things are coming together nicely. Our biggest problem has become that my mother keeps trying to m...

Boyfriend Won’t Accept Breakup?

Joan JerkovichSeptember 8, 2014

I’ve been trying to break up with my boyfriend, but he doesn’t seem to accept the fact that I’d like to remain a friend, but am not interested in being in a relationship anymore. I feel bad about this because he’s kind of a loner, and I’m sort of the only person he’s close to, so I stay in touch. How can I get him to understand I just want to be friends? Your question holds the answer...

Men and Toilet Seats?

Joan JerkovichSeptember 5, 2014

My boyfriend doesn’t put the toilet seat down and this makes me crazy! I’ve told him that all men are supposed to know to do this but somehow he didn’t get the memo. He doesn’t see why I can’t just put it down myself before I use it. His reasoning is that he has to put it up when he uses the toilet after me. How can we resolve this? Arrrgggghhhh! Dare I say Dump Him? No. That’s too ex...

Intimate with Co-worker?

Joan JerkovichSeptember 4, 2014

I recently left a job where a coworker and I were intimate. I saw her out last night with another guy. I still have feelings for her but don’t know if I should pursue her. How can I let her know how I feel? Have you tried the communication style of just straight out telling her how you feel? No games, no strings attached, no beating around the bush; but just telling her openly and honestly that...




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