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How Stupid does she think we are?

KSAL StaffOctober 10, 2016

When Hillary Clinton was challenged about her comment made public by Wiki-Leaks, “You need to have a private policy and a public policy,” her response was jaw-dropping.  She claimed she was thinking about President Abraham Lincoln.  How stupid does she think we are? The first thing to note about this is her lack of denial that she had, in fact, made the comment.  This means that she is adm...

Pat’s Chats – Week Seven HS FB Rankings

KSAL StaffOctober 10, 2016

Life is pretty rough as a Kansas Jayhawk fan, especially around this time of year. Yes, the Jayhawks are awful at football, but there was a flicker of hope on Saturday. When KU went up by nine late in the third, the reality of getting a rare Big 12 victory truly settled in. I was preparing for Kansas Wesleyan's football game at Friends and walked over to the opposite side of the press box. I hud...

Pat’s Chats – Week Six HS FB Rankings

KSAL StaffOctober 3, 2016

Well, I guess it had to end sometime. Kansas City Royals fans truly lived in a fantasy the past couple seasons. Back-to-back World Series appearances followed by a year filled with injuries, frustration and anger (and, really, at one particular player). While watching the Royals finish the 2016 slate with a 3-2 loss to the Cleveland Indians, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit sad. But, that...

We See what we want to See

KSAL StaffSeptember 27, 2016

The first of three Presidential debates was last night. I had opined in this space prior to the debate that if Trump had a big night or Hillary had a lousy one, the race for the presidency was over.  I also said that neither one of those things might not happen.  And neither one did. Who won?  Several online polls (, CBS/NY Times, Drudge, Fox, CNBC) all said Trump.  The CNN poll was ...

Indecision 2016

KSAL StaffSeptember 27, 2016

Well that was fun. I don't think I've ever watched an entire debate until it was Hillary vs. Donald. I don't think I've been this undecided this far away from an election. And there was no “aha” moment during the debate that helped me make a decision. It just solidified my early thoughts on this race. Yikes. Are you sure these are the two we get to choose from. There're no do-overs or mulliga...

Will This End It?

KSAL StaffSeptember 23, 2016

The first of three Presidential debates is this Monday at 8 PM.  It will last about an hour and a half.  There are no breaks. Those who think they know these things say the audience could top 100 million which would easily make this the most watched/listened to political event in history. What will happen?  Who will win?  Will Trump say something unbelievably stupid even by his standards?  ...

A Tribute to Ruth…

KSAL StaffSeptember 20, 2016

It’s been a moment since I’ve written a blog, simply because I need to be inspired before I share my thoughts with you.  So, what I’ll share with you today is in response to that. Last week, our community lost a wonderful woman.  Her name was Ruth Brouddus.  I feel like I knew her personally although I had never spent one moment in her presence.  I got to know Ruth through Shelly who is...

Go Chiefs!?

KSAL StaffSeptember 20, 2016

Only hindsight provides some of the answers to complex relationships, and I suppose that's why it difficult to get an appointment with my therapist. Sometimes just talking it out can be therapeutic, but for me, I have to make a sojourn this Christmas to work on this problem that has troubled me for decades. Or at least give it that ever popular “closure.” So what's the problem? Being a fan of...

Why not make it Right?

KSAL StaffSeptember 12, 2016

Are you aware of the controversy surrounding Oklahoma State’s stunning loss to Central Michigan on Saturday?  In a nutshell, the Chippewas were awarded an untimed down at the end of the game after Oklahoma State had run out the clock with an intentional grounding play. The officials misinterpreted a rule that says a game can’t end on a penalty---a defensive penalty that is.  If the offense ...

It’s Common Sense!?!

KSAL StaffAugust 30, 2016

It’s Common Sense!?!   Oh yeah. One of those  phrases that always gets my attention. Sort of like “World Famous!”  I always immediately wonder why you have to tell me. If it’s “World Famous!” shouldn’t I already know that? That just makes common sense, right?   If someone has to announce to me that’s it’s just “common sense,” my common sense says I should have...




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