Waiver Clears Way for Summer E15 Fuel Use

Drivers can continue to save money on a higher quality fuel thanks to the Biden Administration’s emergency waiver for summer sales of E15 (15% ethanol fuel) which has become a popular choice at many fuel retailers across the state. Kansas Corn Growers Association (KCGA) leaders said the waiver provides consumer access to E15, a fuel valued for its lower price, high octane, and environmental benefits. The waiver provides relief from an outdated regulation that would prevent summer E15 sales.

“This waiver is needed and appreciated. It is good for consumers, the environment, and farmers like me,” said KCGA President J.D. Hanna, Silver Lake. “Kansas Corn has been active in helping retailers get funding to add infrastructure to offer E15 fuel as a choice, and it’s been exciting to see the rapid expansion of the fuel. It’s available at over 120 stations across the state including many major fuel retailers, and it is a midgrade fuel that’s priced as much as 15 cents a gallon less than regular unleaded.”

Today’s emergency waiver is not a permanent fix. Eight Midwest states will have year-round E15 fuel beginning next year, according to KCGA CEO Josh Roe.

“We’re thankful for the efforts of President Biden and EPA in granting this waiver for 2024, but we are also looking for longer-term solutions,” Roe said. “Governor Laura Kelly’s leadership in asking the administration for the E15 waiver is appreciated by our growers, and we encourage her to take further action to give fuel retailers regulatory certainty by joining the eight Midwest states that recently received an exemption from the summertime E15 restrictions.”

Hanna said long-term solutions are needed to make E15 and higher ethanol blends more available nationwide.

“Simply put, we should not have to pursue waivers because of an outdated regulation that is not based on current science,” Hanna said. “That’s why we are actively working to pass the Consumer and Retailer Choice Act that would allow year-round E15 fuel sales nationwide.”

KCGA and the National Corn Growers Associations continue to work with allies, including the petroleum industry, on federal legislation that would provide permanent, year-round access to E15.

The Kansas Corn Growers Association represents its members in legislative and regulatory issues and promotes corn and its products.