Rolling Domestic Prompts Arrest

Police arrested a Salina man Wednesday night after a domestic dispute occurred inside his truck. 

According to captain Jim Feldman, Wednesday night at 10:30 officers were sent to the area of Iron and Ohio to a report of an alleged domestic dispute taking place in a black truck driving on the sidewalk with a female victim trying to escape the vehicle.  

 Officers located the vehicle in the 1100 block of East Iron and found 43-year-old Jeremiah Herwig and a 33-year-old female passenger in the truck. After police separated the two, the female claimed that they were in a relationship.

 After Herwig picked her up, he allegedly refused to let her leave the vehicle and proceeded to throw water at her. When she would try to escape, he would speed up the truck and try to prevent her from leaving, leading to the woman to fall out of the vehicle, and out of fear of being run over, re-entered the truck. 

Police ordered Herwig to leave the vehicle after they determined that they were going to arrest him. He resisted arrest, and allegedly struck an officer before being subdued with a taser. 

Requested charges include aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault, domestic battery, assault on a law enforcement officer, and felony obstruction.