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Joan Jerkovich

Murder In The News, A Family Tragedy

Joan JerkovichOctober 6, 2016

We see it in the news daily. Stories of violent killings in our communities, in our nation, and on the world stage. While the media focuses most of their attention on the victims and the perpetrators, the families who suffer the loss of one of their beloved family members often go unnoticed. "Blue Lives Matter" Vs. "Black Lives Matter." Are Police Body Cams Effective? Police Brutality. Racial Pr...

Friend As Business Partner?

Joan JerkovichSeptember 27, 2016

I’ve started a new home business and it has finally started to take off to where I can’t keep up with filling orders. My good friend has been looking for work and has proposed the idea of us going in to partnership together. I’ve already laid a lot of the groundwork for the business and am not sure about taking on a partner versus hiring an employee. I’m also not sure about working with a ...

8 Reasons Good Girls Fall For Bad Boys

Joan JerkovichSeptember 20, 2016

Why don’t you leave him? Why do you let him treat you so bad? These are the questions your friends and family may be asking you if you’re in a relationship with a bad boy who mistreats you, cheats on you, or just tears you down. 5 Good Reasons To Let Go Of A Bad Relationship, And 4 Reasons We Hold On. Dishonest Boyfriend. Let Go Of A Friends With Benefits Relationship. LISTEN to these topics...

Starving Artist? How To Make A Living

Joan JerkovichSeptember 14, 2016

Now that I’ve graduated from college with a Fine Arts degree, I’m concerned about making a living as an artist. My parents didn’t like my choice of careers, saying that it would doom me to the life of a “starving artist”, but I’d like to prove them wrong. Art is my passion and I want to try and make a living as an artist. Any advice? Well, since I’m not an expert on this issue, I di...

When Your Friend’s Truth Doesn’t Match Your Own

Joan JerkovichSeptember 6, 2016

I have a casual friend who is a big talker in that he always has something to say and he often stretches the truth. Recently, he tried to tell me that he has lots of money in the bank because he used to be part owner in a business. He lives like a pauper, but explained that away by saying he chooses to live a simple life. This sounded like more of a stretch than usual so I caught up with his ex wi...

9 Dirty Little Secrets Of Men Who Won’t Get Married

Joan JerkovichAugust 23, 2016

While the numbers of women who want to get married are going up, men are less likely to want to walk down the aisle. In the past 15 years, the numbers of men who do not, or will not, get married has jumped six percent. More and more men are opting out of marriage, and women are asking why. Serial Dating Benefits And Ethics. Tired Of Serial Dating. Serial Dating Problems And Pitfalls. LISTEN to th...

5 Ways Thinking Outside The Box Works, 5 Ways It Doesn’t

Joan JerkovichAugust 18, 2016

We've all heard the saying "think outside the box", but what does it really mean? Does it work? Thinking outside the box is a way to bring new, creative ideas to any project or goal. It's a way to push your limits. It's a way to expand your expectations. It's bringing forth a new and novel way to tackle a problem. How To Think Outside The Box. When Thinking Outside The Box Doesn't Work. LISTEN t...

Depressed And Bored After Job Layoff?

Joan JerkovichAugust 11, 2016

Some days I just feel so down. I was recently laid off from my job of 5 years and I haven’t found any work yet. I feel like the only things that take my mind off it are drinking and T.V. I’m no alcoholic but it helps to pass the time. I’m single so I don’t have a family to support. I’m also getting unemployment so I’m not in financial trouble. My life was my work and now I feel totall...

Parenting The Young Adult Who Moves Back Home

Joan JerkovichAugust 3, 2016

Emily is dreading going home for the summer after her first year in college. It’s not that she doesn’t want to be with her family, it’s that she doesn’t want to give up the independence and freedom she had while at college. Specifically, she doesn’t want to go back to having to always check in with her parents when she goes out with her friends and she DOES NOT want to have to be home at...

4 Strategies For Losing Those Last 10 Pounds

Joan JerkovichJuly 28, 2016

You were successful in getting close to your weight loss goal, but those last 10 pounds just keep hanging on. Often, losing those last 10 pounds, can be the most difficult pounds to lose. So, if the dusty treadmill sitting in the corner of your bedroom has become your "backup" clothes closet, try these 4 things experts in weight loss agree will take off those last 10 pounds. 1. Review your diet....




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