Zoo to Host Farm Event

Salina’s Rolling Hills Zoo is the location for a state meeting to be held by National Farmers next week on Tuesday.

Organizers say farmers from the region and statewide leaders will be present.

The meeting will feature grain marketing presentations, and other agricultural reports. Markets are rather irregular today. Weather and worldwide events are having an oversized impact. Congress is having a difficult time working on issues. And the Farm Bill needs attention this year.

Rancher and grain farmer, Bruce Schulz, Raynsford, Montana, and vice-president of National Farmers will be an evening speaker.

There is no charge for admission for those attending the meeting. There is also no charge for registration or the evening dinner.

Please register by contacting State Leader Ray Kohman, Solomon, Kansas at 785-479-6023, Theresa Seiler, Colwich, Kansas at 316-796-0606, or Greg Stephens, Salina, Kansas 785-819-6887.