Swedish Pavilion Project Gets Tax Credit Funds

The Lindsborg Old Mill & Swedish Heritage Museum has received $166,600 in funding via a state tax credit program. This will be used in support of fundraising efforts on the 1904 World’s Fair Swedish Pavilion Restoration & Improvement Project.

According to the organization, this grant is expected to raise $238,000 in donations. which will fully cover critical stabilization repairs to prevent the possibility of a catastrophic collapse of the historic structure. It will also partially cover the cost of a new pavilion roof that will prevent leaks and be more historically accurate.

CSP is a popular program for Kansas nonprofits and public healthcare entities taking on major capital campaigns for projects involving children and family services, non-governmental crime prevention, youth apprenticeship and youth technical training and health care. Awarded nonprofits were chosen through a competitive application process. State tax credits reduce the total amount of taxes owed to the state. They are a way for taxpayers to substantially reduce the cost of contributing to the Lindsborg Old Mill & Swedish Heritage Museum.

Lenora Lynam, Executive Director of the museum, said this grant of tax credits is essential for saving and preserving the historic Pavilion for future generations.

“When we discovered the structural failure of the Pavilion last October, it was truly an existential threat to the future of the Pavilion, its history, and all the events and activity centered around it,” Lynam said. “Not to mention the concerns of water damage coming from roof leaks. This grant is win-win-win. The museum, our visitors, and the community win from the preservation of this irreplaceable building. The state wins by encouraging support for important projects statewide. And, of course, donors to the project win with this incredible opportunity to stretch their giving.”

An engineering assessment in October 2023 found that the Pavilion is leaning by up to 2 degrees, which is considered severe “racking” and visible even to untrained observers. This structural failure would lead to collapse with the wrong set of circumstances. With this information, the museum Board of Directors chose to close the Pavilion until repairs could be finished.

Museum staff also has noted that the current more than 30-year-old asphalt roof (which is not historically accurate) is starting to show serious signs of its age. There are often leaks after heavy rain or snow.

The tax credit grant provides the pathway to full structural preservation of the Pavilion and will also allow partial funding for a new reproduction composite tile roof, which will prevent leaks and restore the roofing to be more historically accurate. Both components will be put out for bid for two weeks as soon as possible and potential donors who want to give to the project and receive tax credits can start to do so now. Credits will be allotted to donors to the project on a “first come, first served” basis.

The sooner that donations under the project are received, the sooner contractors can begin the repair work to the Swedish Pavilion. Contributions must be dated July 1 or after to qualify. After stabilization repairs are completed, the Pavilion will again be open to the public.

Businesses and individuals subject to Kansas income tax are eligible to receive a tax credit through this program. Donors giving at least $250 to the Pavilion Restoration & Improvement Project may qualify for a 70% tax credit. For example, a donor making a $1,000 gift receives a $700 tax credit when they file their state taxes, making the net cost to the donor only $300.

“CSP amplifies the mission of awarded community service organizations and their projects by encouraging donations through the benefit of state tax credits,” said Kayla Savage, Director of the Community Development Division at the Department of Commerce. “When you donate to an awarded CSP project, you have the opportunity to support a project and receive a state tax credit to reduce your taxable income.”

If you or your business are interested in donating to the Pavilion Restoration & Preservation Project, please reach out to museum staff at [email protected] or 785-227-3595 for full details on how to donate under the project.

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Learn more about the museum at www.oldmillmuseum.org.