Search Warrant of Drugs, Resulted in Arrest

The I 135 / I 70 Drug Task Force and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation executed a search warrant Monday in Salina in a Central Salina home and made an arrest

Police Captain James Feldman tells KSAL News on Monday morning the Drug Task Force and KBI located 1 pound of hallucinogenic mushrooms, over 2 pounds of marijuana products, over 3 grams of meth amphetamine, and a large quantity of paraphernalia.

The Drug Task Force and KBI arrested 33-year old Kristoff Lindgren on multiple possible felony drug charges including:

  • Distribute certain hallucinogenic; 100 grams – < 1 kilogram
  • Distribute opiate/opium/narcotic/stimulant/heroin; Dosage 10 – < 100 units
  • Distribute opiate, opium, narcotic, certain stimulant; 3.5 – < 100 grams
  • Use/poss drug paraphernalian/human body
  • Unlawful to aquire proceeds from drug transaction; Value < $5,000
  • Poss para w/intent to manuf/plant/cult
  • Taxation; Drugs; No drug tax stamp for marijuana or cont substance
  • Use communication facility; In the commission of a felony drug violation

Captain Feldman says the investigation is on-going.