Kansas Fish Farms Benefiting From Wet Weather

After years of drought, all the recent wet weather in Kansas has been a boon to the state’s fish farmers.

Brent Culver of Culver’s Fish Farm in McPherson says his business has been busy because people want their once-empty ponds restocked.

Mike Miller, with the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, estimates Kansas has more than 150,000 fishable private ponds, thousands of which went dry during four years of drought and are now refilled.

Bill Hartley, of Hartley Fish Farms near Kingman, says that his farm regularly delivers fish to five states.

But recently they’ve had people from a half dozen other states come to their farm for fish. He says people seem to be more confident the drought is over and want their ponds restocked.

Associated Press information from: The Wichita Eagle