Woman Assaulted at Work

A Salina man was arrested on Saturday after his girlfriend recounted for authorities how he allegedly assaulted her at her work place.

Police arrested 40-year-old Matthew Hine on one count of aggravated kidnapping and a charge of domestic violence battery after an incident that took place September 26, at Rod’s Travel Center #8, 2140 W. Crawford.

Police say the victim and Hine had been arguing for days about how many hours she was putting in at work.

Hine then entered Rod’s around 1am while the woman was mopping and took the bucket and slammed her into a wall near the bathrooms. A fellow employee says he dragged her into the restroom and continued yelling at her as the staff member pleaded for him to leave.

Hine did leave and the woman’s scratches on her arms were still visible when she contacted police three days later.


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