VIDEO: Salina Lets Freedom Ring

Following an overnight storm, there was bright sunshine and mild temperatures for Independence Day festivities in Salina.

Independence Day began with a patriotic set of songs from the Salina Municipal Band, and it ended with a spectacular fireworks display. From fun in the park, to food, fellowship, and fireworks, Salina let freedom ring on Thursday.

For the 48th year Salina celebrated an old fashioned 4th of July with Play Day in the Park. There was free food, old fashioned games, and new this year was a bubble machine which created suds to frolic in.

The fun moved in the evening to the Berkley Family Recreation Area for the Skyfire fireworks spectacular.

Back in 2009 most fireworks became legal again in Salina. The sale, storage, and discharge of fireworks was prohibited in Salina beginning in December of 1965. In 1987 the ban was partially lifted, and things like snakes, poppers, and smoke devices were allowed. In 1981 Saline County also banned fireworks. That ban was rescinded in 2009.

Many people celebrated both Wednesday and Thursday nights. Numerous fireworks could be heard, and seen lighting up the sky both nights. Family and friends gathered on lawns and in neighborhoods throughout town enjoying fellowship, fun, and fireworks.