Too Cool For the Pool

Unfortunately Salina’s Kenwood Cove water park did not open Saturday or Sunday as planned. Officials announced via social media the weather did not meet their required temperature for opening.

Here is the weather policy:

  • On a clear day the air temperature must be 72 degrees or higher.
  • On a cloudy day the air temperature must be 75 degrees or higher.
  • The water temperature must always be 70 degrees or higher.

If there is severe weather the pools will be cleared immediately at the first sign of lightning within 10 miles. A 30 minute wait will begin and at each sign of lightning  / thunder the 30 minute timer will restart.

Weather could potentially delay the opening of the pool for multiple days. The temperature in Salina is not forecast to rise above the 72  degree minimum until Wednesday, when a high of 77 is expected.