Three Outdoor Warning Sirens Not Working

Three outdoor warning sirens in Saline County are currently not working.

According to the Saline County Emergency Management office, during the normal test of the outdoor warning sirens this week three sirens were found not to be operational. These sirens are located at Cottonwood School 215 S. Phillips, Smoky Hill Museum 211 W. Iron, and the City of New Cambria.

These sirens are scheduled for repairs and will be back operational as quickly as possible. All other siren locations were confirmed to be working.

The office strongly encourage residents to have multiple ways of receiving weather warnings.

The outdoor warning sirens in Saline County are only sounded for tornado warnings. They are tested the 1st Monday of each month at 4:30pm, weather permitting).

Severe weather season is upon us and we all need to be prepared for severe weather at any time of the day or night. The local media outlets and All Hazards NOAA Weather Radios are your best sources for information concerning severe weather watches and warnings. Do not wait for the sirens to sound or to be your warning system at home. Sirens may not be working if the power is out and oftentimes cannot be heard indoors. Oftentimes in the heat of the spring and summer, we cannot hear outdoor sirens over running air conditioners and strong winds or hail.