Sheriff Takes Possession of New Jail

Saline County Sheriff Roger Soldan will take possession of his new jail this week. Soldan tells KSAL News Saline County gets possession of the facility Monday.

October will be be an opportunity for staff training, exercise of building systems, and eventually public tours.

Inmates are anticipated to start moving over to the new facility in November, and be housed in the new jail by early December.

The jail project includes:

  • 392 beds. A consultant projected that by 2038 the average daily population would be over 400.
  • Dedicated medical areas for males and females and dedicated areas for those that need mental health care.
  • Expanded program space to add programs to help with rehabilitation and re-entry.
  • Space for dedicated program staff with the potential to add facility specific social worker or mental health professional.
  • Energy efficient, utilities that are more accessible for repairs, staff efficiencies.
  • Includes a new Sheriff’s Office space for Administration, Patrol, Investigations, and Records.

Officials have been able to save money during construction and add a couple of features. The jail will be totally surrounded by a security fence, unlike the current jail. Also, an annex building has also been included.

The first to spend the night in the new facility will be citizens who sign up for a “Slumber in the Slammer” event.  As officials get ready for it to be occupied the public is invited to “Slumber in the Slammer” and spend a night in jail. “Slumber in the Slammer” will be an opportunity to learn what life in the facility will be like. Those who participate will experience life as an inmate. Space is limited to 120 participants, and Soldan says only a few slots remain. The “Slumber in the Slammer” event will be November 3rd.

The new jail project was approved by voters in November of 2020. A one-half percent sales tax to help pay for the new building was enacted on April 1st, 2021.