Scam Costs Woman $4,500

Salina Police are urging citizens to be wary of a computer scam that has claimed another victim.

Sergeant Jim Feldman tells KSAL News that a 67-year-old woman who lives in south Salina contacted authorities after she lost $4,500 to a person she thought was helping her keep her computer virus free.

The victim told police she had been working with a California company called Front Ridge without incident. She said a man called her this week to offer a refund and needed the pass code to transfer the money into her account.

A short time later he called back to say there had been a mistake and they had over paid her by $5,000.

She checked to find the overage to be correct – but hesitated to send the funds back via a money gram as he suggested.

He then convinced her to purchase Wal-Mart gift cards and share the card and pin numbers.

Investigators explain there was no refund made in the scheme.

The thief used access to her accounts to shift her own money around, making it appear they had deposited $5,000 into her bank.

Sergeant Feldman says once the card and pin numbers are shared – the money can be moved to anywhere in the world and cannot be traced.