Salina Business Sends Aid To Lindsborg

Waters True Value of Salina has donated a helping hand and key essentials to the residents of Lindsborg. Major flooding affected approximately 125 homes and left an estimated $3.8 million in damage earlier this week.

Waters True Value employees set out on Wednesday morning to deliver over $1,000 of merchandise to the Lindsborg Convention and Visitors Bureau for flood victims. Donated items included tarps, insect repellent, Clorox, Rubbermaid tubs, water, trash cans, table cloths and more.

Mike Fuller, Store Manager, said Waters’ employees approached him about donating to Lindsborg flood relief efforts.

“It was gratifying to know that my employees wanted to help the community of Lindsborg, “Fuller said. “We’re happy to have provided the essentials that I hope will make this time much easier for them.”