“Safe Haven” Effort Underway

The Salina Community Safe Haven Baby Box Initiative is a crucial project in the community that will offer a secure, anonymous option for parents in crisis to surrender their newborns.  Partially funded by a generous donation from Driven to Care, this project requires additional community donations to ensure its success.

According to the Salina Fire Department, founded by Monica Kelsey in 2015, Safe Haven Baby Boxes, Inc. provides devices for safe newborn surrender, installed in fire stations or hospitals with alarms for immediate emergency response.

The local initiative was spearheaded by Salina Mayor Bill Longbine and supported by the Salina City Commission, City Manager Mike Schrage, and the Salina Fire Department.

The Salina Fire Department was then tasked with completing this significant project. The agency will install a Safe Haven Baby Box at Fire Station 1, which is fully compliant with the Kansas Safe Haven Law.

Support through community donations is important and the lifeblood of this initiative. Donations will cover the costs of installation, maintenance, and awareness campaigns, which are crucial for the success of the Safe Haven Baby Box Initiative.

The impact of Driven to Care’s significant grant has provided a great start, but help is still needed to make this initiative a reality.

The anticipated costs include the Baby Box, demolition, construction materials, installation, and electrical work, amounting to $21,000, and a $500 annual maintenance fee.

The Salina Community Baby Box initiative is not just a project; it’s a life-saving opportunity for parents in crisis, helping to secure the futures of our most vulnerable infants.

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For more information or to support, contact the Salina Fire Chief Tony Sneidar at (785) 826-7340 or email [email protected]

Photo via National Public Radio