UPDATE: Rolling Power Outages Possible Again

The Southwest Power Pool (SPP) has increased their alert level to Energy Emergency Alert Level 2 as extended cold temperatures continue to strain the regional power grid. Current conditions make additional controlled, temporary emergency electricity reductions a strong possibility from around midnight through 11:00 Wednesday morning. As a result, Evergy remains on standby in the event that the SPP calls for additional emergency power outages.

UPDATE:  At 10:15 Tuesday morning the Southwest Power Pool lifted the current order and intermittent outages have been suspended at this time. Power should be coming back online soon for those impacted.

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ORIGINAL: Rolling power outages are resuming Tuesday. Evergy announced Tuesday morning they are resuming 30 to 60 minute intermittent outages due to regional power supply needs as directed by the Southwest Power Pool. If your power is out for more than an hour, please report it:

  • MO and MO/KS Metro Customers: 888-544-4852
  • KS Central Customers: 800-544-4857

A high demand for power prompted utility companies in the Midwest including Evergy to utilize controlled, rolling power outages on Monday.

According to Evergy, due to extreme frigid weather, energy use is much higher than normal, which is increasing demand on the power grid. Over the next few days, they’ve been asked to implement controlled, temporary emergency electricity reductions during certain times of the day in order to help avoid larger uncontrolled and extended power outages throughout the region.

To limit emergency electricity reductions and outages, they are asking all customers to cut back on electricity usage until conditions improve

If you are impacted by an emergency electricity reduction, you do not need to report your outage.  Rather, check Evergy’s outage map and www.evergy.com/outageinfo for more information.  All customers should be prepared for the potential for these periodic outages. If you experience an outage that lasts longer than an hour, report your outage at www.evergy.comor call 888-544-4852 or 800-544-4857, for Kansas Central customers.

Evergy asks customers to continue to conserve energy to help reduce stress on the power grid, potentially reducing the ongoing need for emergency reductions.

  • Turn thermostats a little cooler (65-68 degrees). Avoid the use of electric space heaters.
  • Close blinds and shades to reduce the amount of heat lost through windows.
  • Turn off unnecessary lights and appliances
  • When possible, delay non-essential uses of energy washing drying clothes, washing dishes and bathing to non-peak hours, between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.
  • Use low-temperature cooking methods and avoid opening the oven door if it’s on.

Evergy is also working with its large commercial and industrial customers to reduce energy usage this week. The company has reduced electricity use at Evergy facilities, implemented cold-weather procedures, and adapted operations at its power plants to keep equipment working and fuel available to generate electricity for customers.