Record Murder Year in Kansas

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation  has released the 2020 Kansas Crime Index Report. Notably the number of murders committed in Kansas hit a record at 193.

According to the agency, the report compiles crime statistics reported to the KBI by state and local law enforcement agencies throughout Kansas.

Violent crime analysis

 The 2020 Kansas Crime Index Report indicated that violent crime in Kansas increased by 9.5% from 2019. A total of 13,896 violent crimes were reported in Kansas in the categories of murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault and battery. The violent crime rate is currently 24.4% above the 10-year average.

Notably, in 2020, the number of murders committed in Kansas hit a record at 193, surpassing any year since 1959, when the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) first began publishing national crime statistics.

Aggravated assaults and batteries increased by 13.8% in 2020, while reported rapes and robberies both declined from 2019.

Property crime analysis

 Overall, property crimes declined in 2020 by 1.2%. Kansas experienced a 9.4% increase in motor vehicle thefts, which was the only property crime offense to increase.

Locally, in Saline County, there were no murders. Notably there were 29 rapes, 25 robberies, and 209 Aggravated battery / assaults.

For the full 2020 Kansas Crime Index Report and previous year’s statistics: