Poetry In Motion In Lindsborg

A Lindsborg studio and museum will host poetry readings later this week and the public is invited to attend.

Organizers says that the event is scheduled for Friday, April 9 at 6PM. There will be a poetry reading at the Red Barn Studio Museum, 212 S. Main St., Lindsborg, by Shannon Carriger and Lori Brack.

Carriger is a graduate of both Smoky Valley High School and Bethany College. She attended Smoky Valley High 1990-1994 and was a 2001 Bethany College graduate. Lori Brack was a writing assistant professor at Bethany College, Aug 2012 to May 2016 and is now a Lucas, Kansas, resident. The rain date is Friday, April 16, same place, same time. Shannon Carriger and Lori Brack will read from recently published books of poetry (2019 and 2021 respectively.) Copies of “Deep Inside that Rounded World” by Carriger and “A Case for the Dead Letter Detective” by Brack, will be available for purchase.

An excerpt for Lori Brack’s poem “The Dead Letter Detective Uncovers the Address,” as follows. “The detective upholds the regulations, opens no more than he must, reads into the letter only as far as it takes, knows in his bones how much can go amiss with twenty-six letters and ten digits, such a finite set of small signs to stir up all this trouble.” In 2019, Carriger’s poetry book was “Deep Inside that Rounded World.” Ben Cartwright, an author describing her book says “The poems in Shannon Carriger’s debut collection often suture history to a single, human life – one left out of our more public, official narratives…These poems follow the light.” He goes on to say, “No matter how it bends, or through what stubborn materials. They do not flinch.”

Maybe, by attending the poetry reading, you might be inspired to write your own poetry. Please bring a folding chair and a mask. For more information, please contact the Red Barn Studio at 785 227-2217 or [email protected].

The Red Barn Studio is open to the public Tues through Fri, 10-5PM and Sat and Sun 1PM to 5PM.