North Salina Christmas Cheer

No matter the weather, residents are making things happen in North Salina.

“First we came up with lighting the trees in 5 Corners Rain Garden. Then I thought about a big wreath with glitter that’d give people stopped at the intersections something pretty to look at. One thing led to another and Barb had her employees at Triad design the center insert. I painted the North Town logo on the insert after the wreath was decorated,” said Rose Base. Thanks to the time and talents of Rose Base, a seasonal wreath now adorns the North Salina entrance.

Rose and her husband Buster were both raised in North Salina and have lived in their home for 31 years. When asked to help put up holiday decorations on a Saturday morning saying yes was an easy decision. They were joined by Johnna Vosseller, Sandy Wallace, Lori Hall, and Barb Young.

The decorations and solar lighting were constructed and installed in conjunction with Salina Downtown, Inc.’s decorations down Santa Fe and Salina’s Christmas Festival & Parade of Lights.

“The rain garden is the perfect location for the sun’s rays to power solar holiday lights. The solar lights on the trees and wreath are eco-friendly and safe. Installed in 2014, the rain garden is an environmentally friendly solution to having a welcoming green space during the day. The addition of the lighting and decorations spread holiday cheer to residents and visitors,” said Barb Young, North Salina Community Development President.

What a bright idea! The holiday lighting and decorations can be seen at 5 Corners, where 9th St., Broadway Blvd., and Pacific Ave. converge.