Needed: Cookies for Soldiers

Students around Lindsborg are joining forces – to send some good cheer to troops overseas.

“Cookies for Soldiers,” organizer Dawn Kurtz tells KSAL News they still need about 125-dozen cookies baked before December 3rd, “I have faith we’re going to get this taken care of,” she said.

Kurtz says the goal is to send cookies, Christmas cards, notes and small gift items to 510 soldiers who are now serving in Afghanistan.

Students from Soderstrom Elementary and Smoky Valley Home Educators are making the Christmas cards, while students at Smoky Valley Middle School are writing cards and letters to send in the care packages.

Kansas Connection

Kurtz says the boxes will reach 425 members of the 87th Infantry Regiment, plus 85-members of the 135th AVN BN (Medivac) unit out of Kansas, “They’re serving in a remote area with no access to a PX – just 3 MRE’s a day so a homemade treat will really mean a lot to them,” she said.

Volunteers, friends and family are gathering next week to begin the packaging process, so troops will be able to open up their boxes before Christmas.

Kurtz says shipping costs for the project, which run about $1,500 have been covered by Hearts of America of Central Kansas.

“I’ve got lots of help from Amy Paden from Hearts of America,” she said. “They are actually sponsoring the shipping cost of the cookies over to Afghanistan.”

Those who wish to bake and donate a dozen cookies or more are encouraged to contact Dawn Kurtz through her email at [email protected] or over the telephone at 785 227 5390.