Manhunt Briefly Locks Down YMCA

Salina Police searching for a man believed to have a weapon in the area, leads to the Salina Family YMCA briefly locking down on Monday evening.

Salina Police Capt. Paul Forrester tells KSAL News that officers were sent to the 600 block of S. Front St. at 6:25 p.m. on Monday, in search of 20-year-old Xavier Murrell, Salina. Murrell has warrants for his arrest and had been seen in the area with a hand gun.

Murrell allegedly fled when an officer made contact with him at 614 S. Front. He then ran down to the creek area behind the YMCA, 570 YMCA Dr., and continued eastbound.

SPD brought in a K-9 to track Murrell along the creek before officers eventually located the suspect, hiding behind a trash can at 905 E. Prescott. He was allegedly found in possession of a holster but no handgun.

Murrell is charged for felony interference with law enforcement. He also has four other warrants prior to his arrest.

A witness, who was at the YMCA at the time of the manhunt, tells KSAL News that the facility briefly locked down while authorities searched for the man.