Lessons On The Way to Top

Reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro is no easy task, just ask Dr. Milt Allen who is back on American soil after climbing to the top of the 19,341 foot mountain in Africa this past December.

Dr. Allen, who is the chair of the KWU Department of Music joined in on the KSAL Morning News Extra on Tuesday with a look back at the trip he trained for in Kansas by cycling, running and trekking over 100-miles per week.

Preparing for the extreme altitude was the only major challenge – that he could not pep for on the plains.

During the six day climb, Dr. Allen encountered the reality of altitude sickness, lack of oxygen and severe nausea. Extreme challenges that provided lessons along the way to the top.


Dr. Allen said the victory of reaching the summit was worth the pain.

“When I reached the top, everything fell away for a brief moment,” he said. “I was literally floating above the clouds.”