“Hooch” Found at Saline County Jail

A couple of inmates at the Saline County Jail are facing disciplinary action after a couple of containers of “hooch”, or homemade alcohol, were discovered.

Saline County Sheriff Captain Brent Melander tells KSAL news that two containers of a fermenting concoction were discovered in a storage room in the kitchen area. One was in a coffee dispenser, the other in an iced tea dispenser.

“Hooch” is usually made with some sort of fruit. Melander says that in this case, the concoction contained diced tomatoes, sugar, water, and yeast. It was fermenting into an alcoholic drink.

According to Melander, the inmates involved in the incident were assigned to the kitchen and were being supervised by CBM Food Services, a contract company that handles meal preparation at the jail.  Jail staff help CBM in the supervision, but according to Melander “we are so under-staffed that it’s a challenge to be everywhere all the time.”

About 450 meals are prepared at the jail on a daily basis. CBM utilizes 8 – 12 qualified jail inmates to help in the preparation, and clean-up.

Melander says that the inmates involved in the “hooch” homemade alcohol making incident have bee reassigned from their kitchen duty. They will not face additional criminal charges, but will face inter-facility discipline. He adds that it’s not uncommon to find inmates trying to concoct homemade alcohol.

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