Forever Young

As we get older, and as we try new foods and drinks, we tend to outgrow things, right?


I found myself the other day having a fun flashback to my youth. It was an elementary school sack lunch all over again. My noon meal consisted of a peanut butter sandwich, Nacho Cheese Doritos, and a can of Dr. Pepper. All that was missing was the brown paper bag, some sort of snack, and a note from mom.

Often times with families, work, school, sports practices, and always having to be somewhere with crazy and busy schedules, we tend to eat the wrong things in the wrong amounts at the wrong times of the day.

Not to speak for anyone else, but I certainly fall into that category. I split time between Abilene and Salina with our various Alpha Media radio stations. I have a wife that also works full-time in Salina and our 10-year-old son is just beginning a new youth baseball season so we’re always busy.

I love baseball season! That also takes me back to my youth with good memories and bad. I think I was 9 or 10 years old when my little league team was down by 3 runs in the top of the last inning and I hit a 3-run triple to tie the game. Then, I went out and proceeded to walk in the winning run on 16 pitches in the bottom of the inning to lose the game.

My shattered dreams as a youth aside, I think again about what I ate and drank then as compared to an adult.

Spaghettios, Lunchables, and Lucky Charms, just to name a few, are foods I ate as a kid and still eat now. Does there have to come a point where I outgrow foods like this? Should there be a point where I stop eating foods like this?

Obviously, those aren’t the healthiest food choices, but they’re fun to share with the next generation and also bring back the fun of our own youth!

Sometimes I get accused of being a big, overgrown kid anyway. Why fight it?!