Exit, Stage Right

A new fixture in a parking lot is now catching the eyes of many who happen to pass by. The overhang of the Campbell Plaza stage was relocated to the parking lot north of the Ad Astra Books and Coffee in the heart of downtown Salina.

One of the main reasons for transferring the stage is that there is a new restaurant going in at the former location of this stage where they have asked for an expanded use of the plaza area for customers, citizens, and special events.

The space the stage occupied in that plaza did not work well for the new restaurant or for the event directors as they could only have about two hundred to three hundred people in that area comfortably at events due to the limited space around the stage. However, by relocating the stage downtown, they’re able to program much larger events and bring the community together.

Salina Arts and Humanity Director Brad Anderson told KSAL News “to be able to program for this area by having a centrally located active space with music, a farmer’s market, or a dance performance, it’s going to make a huge difference on drawing both residents and visitors downtown and help with the revitalization of the renaissance that’s taken place downtown”.


The construction of the stage has until March 1st to be completed and ready for operations.