Elwood: “Appreciate Everyday You’re Given”

It’s been a long road to recovery for team roper Kyle Elwood after a medical emergency this past summer.

A familiar voice is back on KSAL and a familiar hand at Farmers and Ranchers Livestock Commission Company as Kyle Elwood resumed his on-air updates Monday morning.

Back in July, Elwood had just finished competing in a team roping event in Oklahoma and suddenly suffered a cardiac arrest event.


Elwood tells KSAL News that the automated external defibrillator at the arena and a handful of knowledgeable people took those first important steps to save his life and get him to the hospital. The medical team stabilized the 53-year-old, helped him fight through pneumonia and then performed open heart surgery to replace two heart valves.

Fast-forward to this fall, and he’s back on the microphone as an auctioneer, has been able to carefully sort cattle at the sale barn and even get back on his horse – riding at a very slow pace.

Elwood’s health continues to improve as he works with the medical staff that saved his life and his strong faith is evident too.


Through it all he welcomes each new day as gift.



Photo courtesy of Mrs. Kyle Elwood