Teen Artists Create Teen Center Mural

A six panel mural project that began in March, made its debut in Downtown Salina on Friday.

Tina Bulleigh, Program Director for Xcel After-School Program tells KSAL News that the eight student artists spent about 50-hours brainstorming and painting the outdoor pieces.

“We did the dreaming process during the school year,” Bulleigh said.

“The actual work on painting the panels took about two weeks.”

Bulleigh added that Bennington artist, Deb Wagner was brought in to help the students understand the size and scope of painting large size murals.

Salina South High School graduate Marisol Garcia pointed to the mural – and the figures holding up a city inside a sunflower, “In Xcel we have so many people supporting the students,” she said.

“They are just a great support to the kids in this program and we thought that was the best way to symbolize that.”

Garcia plans to study graphic design this fall at Fort Hays State University.

The permanent display is on the east exterior of The City Teen Center located at 129 N. 7th Street.