Central Kansas “Dump the Pump” Effort

Central Kansas has a way to participate in a nationwide “Dump the Pump” effort. Salina’s provider of public transportation is teaming up with transportation systems nationwide to celebrate the 16th annual National Dump the Pump Day onThursday, June 17, 2021, by offering free rides on all services, including CityGo, 81 Connection and KanConnect and regional paratransit.

“Dump the Pump is a great opportunity to experience the benefit of public transportation. It saves the passenger money and helps the environment with less vehicles on the streets,” said Michelle Griffin, Mobility Manager for north central Kansas.

According to OKKC, the Dump the Pump campaign is sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA).  APTA first started National Dump the Pump Day in June 2006 when gas prices had reached $3 per gallon and the public demand for public transportation was growing in response to high gas prices.

OCCK Transportation wants the public to know that riding public transit is an economical way to save money, particularly when gas prices are high. Public transportation doesn’t just help people save money, it also helps communities grow and prosper.

Additionally, public transportation helps to make a community economically strong and competitive. For example, for every $1 invested in public transportation, $4 is returned in economic returns.

“With having a free ride day, our hope is to entice new riders, so leave your car behind that day and ride with us,” Griffin said.

WHAT:               16th Annual National Dump the Pump Day

WHERE:             OCCK Transportation and transit agencies nationwide

WHEN:               Thursday, June 17, 2021

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