Cars Connecting Cultures

Victor Rizo has been working on cars his entire life, learning from his father how to overhaul and paint hot rods that gleam in the Kansas sunshine, but his mission is helping men.

“I want to help others and introduce them to the Lord Jesus Christ if possible and help them look toward the future,” Rizo said.

The 62-year-old Boeing employee from Wichita uses his passion for automobiles and the Latino Dreams Car Club to connect with men who are new to Kansas from Mexico.

“The truck scene has really gotten big and what we do, when they receive their papers, we help them find things that they need for their trucks and we help them feel accepted in America,” he said.

“What it’s doing is bringing people that are born in America who are Latino – and the ones who are born in Mexico come together.”

Rizo’s son-in-law, Ever Aguilar is the Vice President of the Latino Dreams CC and pitches in with advice and parts for some of the young men he meets, “When they get like a truck they need to work on I give them advice on what they need, Aguilar said.

“If they don’t have a lot of money to spend I go out and help them with some supplies and we just work with what we have laying around and work with what we have.”

Aguilar added that it is very satisfying when he sees a young man grow from fixing an engine or perfecting a paint job. “Mission completed is how I see it,” he said.

The two cruised up from Wichita on Friday to spend the weekend in Salina and take part in the 37th Annual Leadsled Spectacular in Oakdale Park.

Organizers are expecting over 2,000 classic cars, trucks and hot rods on hand. Visitors will also be treated to vendor booths, concessions and entertainent all weeknd. Saturday night there is a “One Night With Elvis” concert at the Stiefel Theatre, featuring tributes to both Elvis and Roy Orbison.

The 2017 Leadsled Spectacular runs through Sunday, July 30th at 2pm in Oakdale Park.