Broadband Community Forums This Week

Saline County invites residents and business owners to participate in one of six Broadband Equity Community Forums this week.

According to Saline County, the forums led by Andrew Cohill, PhD, President and CEO of Design Nine, Inc., and Jack Maytum, Senior Broadband Analyst for Design Nine, provide an opportunity for the community to voice their needs and concerns regarding broadband access.

Reliable broadband access is essential for economic growth, education, healthcare, and overall quality of life in today’s digital age. Saline County has contracted with Design Nine, Inc. of Blacksburg, VA, to conduct a study to assess broadband deficiencies and make suggestions to enhance connectivity throughout the county.

Forum Discussion Topics:

  • Is broadband a luxury or a necessary utility?
  • What is the best broadband option for Saline County?
  • How will better broadband be funded?

This study will help shape the future of connectivity in our county. However, the success of this project depends on your participation. By attending the forum and completing the broadband surveys, you will provide the data and anecdotal information needed to empower local leaders and stakeholders to make informed decisions about expanding broadband access.


Southeast Saline County

7 PM on June 24

Gypsum Community Room

521 Maple Street, Gypsum


1 PM on June 25

Salina Public Library Tech Center

301 W. Elm, Salina



Southwest Saline County

7 PM on June 25

Smolan Community Building

320 W. Smolan Rd, Smolan

Broadband for Business

8 AM on June 26

Visit Salina Annex

120 W. Ash St., Salina



West Saline County

7 PM on June 26

RFD #3 Fire Station

2911 N. Hedville Rd, Salina

Northeast Saline County

7 PM on June 27

RFD #5 Fire Station

1860 N. Simpson, New Cambria



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