Boating, Fishing Violaters Cited

As part of a nationwide effort, wildlife officers in Kansas nabbed boating and fishing violators at state lakes and reservoirs.

According to the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, game wardens participated in Operation Dry Water, a national effort to reduce the number of accidents and deaths related to boating under the influence.

Operation Dry Water is a year-round boating-under-the-influence awareness and enforcement campaign. Operation Dry Water typically highlights a weekend near the fourth of July holiday, a holiday typically known for drinking and boating.

Agencies from all 56 U.S. states, trusts, and territories participated across the country.

This year the weekend of July 1st-3rd was selected as the highlighted weekend.

Kansas Game Wardens coordinated and participated in numerous special enforcement selectives during the 3-day reporting period. Numerous other divisions within Kansas Wildlife and Parks and other state and local law enforcement agencies also participated.

Windy and rainy conditions in regions of the state did limit boating activity during the reporting period. Kansas Game Wardens arrested two operators for boating under the influence, issues 46 boating and 13 fishing citations, and participated in three search and rescues.

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