Basket Full of Fun in Salina

Back in the 1970s, Disc Golf inventor Ed Headrick envisioned a day when people would take a walk in the park and enjoy throwing a hard plastic disc into a chain basket – keeping score along the way.

Today, Disc Golf continues to grow around the area with the support of the Salina Central Kansas Disc Golf Club. Larry Pankratz has been with the group since its founding in 1990 and says they are paying for 18 new baskets at Lakewood Park.


The club has worked with the Salina Parks and Recreation department to install 18 basket courses at Lakewood Park and Thomas Park as well.


The Salina Central Kansas Disc Golf Club has also assisted in the installation of an 18-basket course at Webster Conference center, a 9-basket course at KSU Polytechnic and a 12 basket course at Southeast of Saline.