Automated Waste Service to Begin

The City of Salina’s new automated waste service begins July 19th.

In the mail this past week, City of Salina sanitation customers should have received their waste cart selection postcard, which enables customers to select the number of waste carts their households will utilize. Prior to June 18th customers will need to select their number of new waste carts by either mailing the perforated pre-paid postage section of the postcard (no return address or additional postage necessary), or by using the verification code found on the postcard to complete the process at

When selecting the number of carts the city urges customers to take into account that with automation collection no waste placed outside the cart will be collected and the lid must be closed. Also, all trash including yard waste will be collected in the same cart.

Starting July 5th the new waste carts will be delivered and all previous City of Salina refuse and yard waste carts will be collected and recycled.

Every City of Salina Sanitation customer will be delivered a minimum of one (1) new waste cart. If customers wish to order more than one waste cart, each additional cart will be $2 more per month. If customers currently use one (1) waste cart and one (1) yard waste cart it is recommended they select “2 cart service” when ordering their waste carts. Customers are also able to change their number of carts once per calendar year with no additional service fee. The cost of the additional cart(s) will be reflected on your bill.

If you have any questions about the new waste cart selection process please refer to the Waste Cart Selection Postcard.

Not a City of Salina Sanitation customer?

For more information please visit or with further questions, contact the City of Salina General Services office at (785) 309-5750.