Arts and Healing

Can the arts be good medicine?

Fifty-three leaders from around the area gathered at the Salina Arts and Humanities Community Room Friday to ponder that question – and offer their views.

Brad Anderson, Director of Arts and Humanities tells KSAL News that he was very pleased with the turnout, “I am really excited about both the personal investment and the willingness to participate in this discussion,” he said.

Those in attendance included representatives from education, heathcare, media, the arts and the military.

The conversation centered on identifying how current endeavors are helping those in Salina, and how to tell those success stories better.

One of those success stories was a Salina man, who held the floor and rhymed his way through a story of drugs and redemption. Morgan Allred, performed a spoken word piece that talked about his struggle on the streets and how finding his artistic voice gave him hope again.

Tyler Paulson, a former US Marine combat veteran, told the group about how his path to healing has included art, “If you would have told me 10-years ago I would be painting, I’d say you were crazy,” he said.

“I think it’s a perfect storm of what’s happening at the Community Theatre, Public Library, at Hospice of Salina, really across this community,” Anderson said.

The leaders broke into small groups to round out the 2-hour meeting and discussed ways to better utilize the arts as part of the healing process.

Anderson tells KSAL News that it is important to look for common ground and the sharing of resources to be able to advance the use of the arts in healthcare settings, “This is the first time so many representatives have been in the same room that have a common interest. I think arts and healing is a glue that will bind this community beyond the arts community in a very unique way.”

To learn more about the Arts and Healing, listen to the KSAL Morning News at 8:25am on Monday morning November 25th for more from Brad Anderson with Salina Arts and Humanities.