Art or Advertising?

Is the mural art – or a billboard?

That’s the question that has work paused on the north wall of the Cozy Inn in downtown Salina. Owner Steve Howard has made a million sliders and a million smiles at Salina’s most recognized eatery since he bought the burger joint in 2007.

Now it may take a permit from the Department of Development Services to make him smile over the process he’s learning about.

Howard tells KSAL News that he hired a local artist to paint a mural on an exterior wall of the restaurant but was told he needs to apply for a permit when commercial signage is involved.

According to Howard, he was told the work is a billboard because it advertises the burgers he sells inside.

Listen Friday at 8:35am to the KSAL Morning News Extra as Steve Howard joins Jeff and Bob in studio to give us an update.