Art Gone Wild on Display

The art has gone wild in a new gallery display at Rolling Hills Zoo.

The zoo unveiled its new Art Gone Wild Gallery Show in the Earl Bane Gallery Wednesday evening.

The display includes juried art, plein air art, and even animal art.

Many of the art pieces which include paintings, masks, wood sculptures, and egg art were created earlier this month during a special Saturday event. Regional plein air artists, along with the Zoo’s own animal artists, were in the park showcasing their artistic talent during Salina’s only plein air event.

Rolling Hills Zoo’s animal artists create art as a form of animal enrichment. Enrichment enhances the animal’s quality of care and improves their physical and psychological health. Many of the Zoo’s animals paint on canvas boards, ostrich eggs and cloth using various methods. The Zoo’s animal artists include Frank the mandrill, the African painted dogs, Zuri the giraffe, Millie the chimpanzee, the reptiles, Gobi the snow leopard, the ostriches, Japura the Andean bear and Darius the Amur leopard.

There are about 100 pieces of art on display in the gallery. Many of them are available for purchase, including the art created by the animals.

The Art Gone Wild Gallery Show will be on display in the Earl Bane Gallery at Rolling Hills Zoo through the end of the year.



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