A Handy Way to Fish

It’s not a season for everyone, but with enough grit and vigor, you just might be up to the challenge. The handfishing for flathead catfish season is now open.
According to the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism, there are a couple of things to consider:
  • Handfishing is allowed only in certain areas: the Arkansas River; the Kansas River, from its origin to the downstream confluence with the Missouri River; and all federal reservoirs, from 150 yards beyond the dam to the upstream end of federal property.
  • A special permit ($27.50) is required for people of all ages in addition to a Kansas fishing license. Get yours at kshuntifishcamp.com.
  • Anglers who are handfishing can’t use hooks, snorkeling or scuba gear, or any man-made device except a stringer. Man-made objects, such as barrels or tubs, can’t be used to attract fish, either.
  • Reference the 2021 Kansas Fishing Regulations Summary (page 10) for handfishing information.

The handfishing season is Kansas is open June 15th – August 31st.