You’re fired! How it happens, what to do.

Getting fired or deciding to “resign” before the ax falls usually comes as no surprise to anyone. It usually happens after things have been headed in that direction for some time. You’ve gotten multiple warnings that getting late to work won’t be tolerated. Or, you’ve had that in office sit down with the boss where you heard the message that you need to play nice with your co-workers and be a team player. Maybe your hand got caught in the proverbial cookie jar where you were padding your company expense account. Or, it was found out that you “shared” some proprietary company secrets with the competition in a Kumbaya moment where you thought, “why can’t we all be friends”? You had it comin’

Whaaaat, you say? Why did I get fired? Poor me, I didn’t do anything wrong. How dare they fire me?? Let me pull you out of your denial and tell you the reasons most people get fired. I challenge you to open your eyes and see if any of them apply to you.

Taken from the website, here are the 10 most likely things that will get you fired:

1. High absenteeism rate, being late often
2. Performing your tasks slowly and with errors
3. Unable to do your assigned tasks
4. Inconsistent and unreliable work behaviors
5. Refusing to follow directions and orders
6. Unable to get along with others
7. Drug and alcohol abuse
8. Being dishonest, espionage and theft
9. Personal business at work
10. Lying on your resume

OK, you pulled your head out of your arse just long enough to recognize what got you fired, now what?

Now, as you leave your job don’t tell off your boss or co-workers. Even if you’ve been waiting for this moment to point out all the things that are wrong with how they operate and do business, don’t go there. Don’t take your frustration out on company property, damage or vandalize things or take proprietary things with you. Don’t badmouth your past employer or co-workers at your next interview. As you head for the door, hold your head high and keep your mouth shut. Most likely you got fired because, at the very least, you weren’t a good fit for the job.

Has this blog just shown up in your inbox? You’d better review the top ten list, buckle down and straighten up your act or you’re next on the chopping block. Call me if you get fired. I’m good at Life Coaching people who are looking for a new job.

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