Year-End Donation is a Win – Win

As 2022 comes to a close, a year-end gift to the Salina Area Technical College will provide tax benefits to you and support Salina Tech’s mission and students.

According to the school, a contribution provides hardworking students with an excellent education.

“I chose Salina Tech Machine Manufacturing Technology because I wanted to get into the skilled trades. We’re learning to design and make or rebuild parts, saving time and money
waiting on parts and buying new ones. When you donate to Salina Tech, you positively impact my classmates and me,” said Machine Manufacturing Technology student Montgomery Hay.

Your gift can substantially impact your tax situation, generating income tax deductions to help reduce your income tax bill.

A new Kansas state tax credit program allows you to donate to Salina Area Technical College, cut at least 60% of the donation from your Kansas income tax bill, and cut your federal income taxes. For example, you donate $10,000 to Salina Tech in 2022 and receive a $6,000 credit on your Kansas income taxes for 2022. You could also claim the remaining $4,000 as a charitable deduction on your federal and state tax return.

“Your donations through the tax credit program are dedicated to the college’s capital outlay fund, which is used to purchase equipment,
technology, fund projects such as new buildings or expansions, and deferred maintenance,” said  Brenda Gutierrez, executive director of the foundation.

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Give by mail to Salina Area Technical College, 2562 Centennial Rd., Salina, Kansas 67401

Give online to Capital Outlay through the tax credit program at

Give online to scholarships, funds, or campaigns at

This information is not intended as legal or tax advice. Consult your legal and or tax advisors for specific advice.