WSU Statistician: Data Points to Rigged Elections

Dr. Beth Clarkson has been providing data analysis to manufacturing and service industries for over 30-years and says patterns of recent elections in Kansas and elsewhere should be investigated.

“There are trends and patterns in the data that should not be there, but that would be expected if the machines were being rigged,” Dr. Clarkson said.

The WSU aerospace statistician will present her case as the featured speaker today during the Kansas State Polytechnic Civic Luncheon Lecture Series that begins at noon.

Dr. Clarkson told listeners on the KSAL Morning News Thursday that even if the anomalies she has found are traced to faults in the voting machines, that it still warrants concern.

“It could be endemic to the machinery that there are problems, but even if that is the case it’s a big issue when it’s our elections we are talking about,” she said.

Dr. Clarkson has been pursuing the release of voting machine tapes to study 2014 election results in Kansas.

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