Woman Tries to Steal Bike, Steals Car

A woman from Seneca was arrested in Salina Monday afternoon after allegedly trying to steal a bicycle, and then stealing a car.

Salina Police Captain Mike Sweeney says that 45-year-old Saul Cortes-Morales came out of the Dillons grocery store on Planet Avenue at around 2:15 in the afternoon, and saw a woman trying to steal his bicycle. He confronted the woman, who is identified as 36-year-old Dannyel Sutton-Feldkamp. She tried to take off with the bike.

As the two were struggling over the bike just south of the store, 76-year-old Christopher Crank was driving by. He stopped, and got out of his car to intervene.

Sutton-Feldkamp got into Crank’s car, which was still running. She drove off.

Witnesses to what had happened followed Sutton-Feldkamp as she headed north on Interstate 135. They were on the phone with police as they followed. She exited at Crawford Street, and pulled into the 24/7 convenience store at 671 Westport Boulevard. Officers caught up with her there, and took her into custody.

Sutton-Feldkamp was arrested on charges that could include both felony and misdemeanor theft.

There was no damage, and no injuries in the incident.