Woman Suffers Severe Injuries from Dog Bites

A bulldog turns on its owner, severely injuring a woman in a north Salina backyard.

Police Captain Paul Forrester tells KSAL News that officers and EMS were called to 501 W. Iron Monday morning just after 11am after 58-year-old Angela Fassnacht was attacked by one of her dogs.

Police say Fasssnacht was trying to put her male, American bulldog outside – but the dog soon turned on her trying to reach a female dog that was in heat inside the house.

Fassnacht suffered severe bites to both arms and her back, losing chunks of muscle and skin down to the bone.

She was taken to Salina Regional Health Center suffering from serious blood loss and then transferred to a Wichita hospital.

Captain Forrester added that her neighbor, Dan Dreher was able to distract the dog with a plank he tore off a cedar fence by making a slapping sound, distracting the dog long enough for Fassnacht to escape into her home.

The dog was taken to the Salina Animal Shelter and Fassnacht’s family requested the animal be euthanized .