Woman Scammed for $2,800

A Salina woman was scammed over the phone by a man she believed was with the Saline County Sheriff’s Office.

Police Captain Paul Forrester tells KSAL News that a 27-year-old woman got a call on Tuesday while she was at work. A man told her there was a warrant issued for her arrest because she had missed  jury duty and could avoid jail time if she bonded out with cash.

The caller convinced her to purchase $2,000 in prepaid gift cards and then provide him with the numbers. He also advised her to cut the cards in half and mail them with a receipt to the City County Building.

The scammer called her back again for “additional fees” persuading the victim to transfer $860 before she contacted authorities.

Captain Forrester is reminding the public that the Sheriff’s Office won’t call you about bail, nor ever ask for money or gift cards for any kind of payment.