Questions After Woman Hit On Highway

Saline County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an injury accident that happened last night on Old Highway 40 and Cunningham Road.

A pedestrian, Tammy Stiefel, 49 of Salina, was lying in the middle of the westbound lanes on the highway. A man who was driving eastbound saw her there, and pulled over to attempt to help the woman.

A driver of a Mazda Tribute driving eastbound saw the man waving her down, but did not see the woman in the road. At the last moment, she saw the woman, swerved to avoid her, but ended up hitting her feet. Stiefel was sent in an ambulance to Salina Regional where she is in stable condition.

There has not been an answer as to why the woman was on the road, as no signs of drunkeness or extenuating health reasons highlight the incident, and the case remains open for investigation.

At this time, no one is being charged.