Woman Killed When Pipes Spill From Truck

A woman from Manhattan was killed when large metal pipes being hauled by a semi became unsecured and fell off onto Interstate 70.

According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, the spilling pipes damaged six other vehicles which either had pipesĀ  land on top of them, or collided with pipes. There was also a two-vehicle collision, and a section of a guard rail destroyed.

A 29-year-old woman from Manhattan was killed when pipes landed on top of her car and then it was hit by another vehicle. The KHP says falling pipes landed on the roof of a 2020 KIA Forte passenger car driven by Brooke Rees. A Ford F250 Super Duty pickup truck was unable to stop and struck the rear of the KIA, forcing it to rotate counterclockwise and strike a concrete bridge rail. Due to injuries from the severity of the collision with the pipe, Rees was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The incident happened at 4:20 Wednesday afternoon on Interstate 70 at Topeka near Topeka Boulevard.