Woman Fights With Police; Security

A Smith Center woman was arrested in Salina after allegedly breaking windows at a grain elevator, and then struggling with responding officers trying to rub her bloody arms on them and later spraying water on them at the hospital.

Police say officers Thursday afternoon responded Thursday afternoon at 2:57 to grain elevators in the 500 block of North Santa Fe to a report of a woman breaking windows. They encountered 43-year-old Kandis Attwood in the area with bloody arms.

Attwood was allegedly uncooperative as she was transported to Salina Regional Health Center to have her wounds treated.  She assaulted an officer by trying to rub her bloody arms on her.

At the hospital, Attwood allegedly grabbed a spray nozzle and sprayed water on an officer and a guard, before then struggling  with them.  She ultimately was placed was placed in a body wrap before being transported to jail after she was treated at the hospital.

Attwood could face charges which include:

  • Assault of LEO
  • Battery
  • Battery on LEO
  • Criminal Damage to Property
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Interference w/LEO resisting arrest

She was booked into the Saline County Jail.