Woman Charged in Theft of $57K

A Salina woman is facing multiple charges for mistreating a couple of dependent adults she was hired to care for.

Police arrested 63-year-old Nancy Ann Shanahan on Tuesday after investigators from the Saline County Sheriff’s Office and Salina Police Department culled through hundreds of financial records of her alleged victims.

Undersheriff Roger Soldan tells KSAL News that Shanahan used a credit card belonging to John and Sharon Thelander of rural Salina to purchase home products and collectibles for herself on 292 occasions – racking up $44,038.53 in charges that were unauthorized.

Shanahan was also the focus of a Salina Police Department investigation after authorities learned of allegations dating back to August of 2015, that Shanahan had converted Social Security checks made out a to a dependent male in his 30’s, for her own personal use.

Police Captain Mike Sweeney says Shanahan sifted cash to herself and made unauthorized purchases in the amount of $13,952.45.

Shanahan is now facing charges that could include mistreating a dependent adult, theft, criminal use of a financial card and unlawful acts with a computer.